Maka by Wide Eyed
Maka by Wide Eyed
Maka by Wide Eyed
Maka by Wide Eyed
Maka by Wide Eyed
Maka by Wide Eyed

                                                                                                                                 Chomaka " A South Africanism for friend.

                                               One half of Cho & Maka, Maka is a football sized buddy that is always happy to see you!
                                                     I hope this cute and lovable buddy brings happiness and a smile to everybody!

Maka is available in 3 standard colours; greenred and blue. Pictures of the red and blue will be available soon! Custom colours are available, but will come at an addition cost and possibly take longer to make.

Although  Maka might be called a little monster, Maka does have feelings you know. Maka likes to be stroked, but with clean hands, and be warned rings etc can mark  the skin, (which is super smooth and nice to touch). Maka is totaly happy in the great out doors, come sun or rain. 
                                                                             Maka   :   Weight   =   3.2kg
                                                                                             Height    =   275mm
                                                                                              Width     =   275mm
                                                                                              Depth     =   300mm                              

This Sculpture is cast from fiberglass resin (polyester if you want to know), then sprayed with an automotive paint. All of this requires A LOT of
work, each Maka takes about a week to complete !

Please note: care instructions will be included with delivery of item

This product ships from Johannesburg, ZA.

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