Notice from VIVAUX: 147 Upper Kenridge Road

Slave to Whimsical Elegance. Clay Crazy. Odd Ball. Vivaux is the enjoyment of all things pretty and porcelain. From bespoke, handmade and unique goldlustre painted jewellery to wall art for children's rooms, every piece has a personality and are made with love! I have been a ceramic student for 5 years and find that I will never be it's master, but always it's pupil!

Shipping via courier within 24-48 hrs of order.

Courier times vary in accordance to area of delivery but as standard is 48hrs-72hrs.

Breakage of items on jewellery attachments such glued backs or pins will gladly be replaced. Due to the nature of the items the ceramic/porcelain part of the item needs to be handled with due care at all times.

Please note the beauty of these items lie in it's uniqueness and no item will be identical to others in colour or size.

I try to replicate designs but the oven and clay usually has it's own mind as well ;-)