Twiggy Decor

We have created over 300 exquisite vinyl wall art designs available in 21 colours, as well as a wide range of chalkboard vinyls, frosted vinyls, canvases and beautiful framed prints . All our designs are created by professional graphic designers and locally manufactured using the highest quality materials.

Since the launch of Twiggy Decor in 2010, the overwhelming response has been truly remarkable, and being featured in several of South Africa’s leading decor magazines is testament to it’s popularity. In September 2017 we celebrate our 7th birthday and are ecstatic about the future of Twiggy Vinyl Wall Art.

Refunds will not be given based on unsatisfactory shipping time. Refunds will not be given If a product is damaged or lost in transit, however, we will gladly replace the product. Once payment is received for an order the vinyl is produced to the customers specifications and refunds will not be given for cancelled orders.