The Beautiful Rolling Hills Of Tuscany

When looking through Tomasz Wieczorek’s beautiful photographs of Tuscany, Italy, can you imagine that such a place is real? The rolling hills, old farmhouses and silver olive groves were something that Tomasz has wanted to photograph after he had heard that it is one of the most beautiful places out there.

Tomasz decided to sit through every sunrise and sunset over his time in Italy to get the perfect photographs and although it was tiring, it was worth it. The beauty of the Tuscan landscapes drew him in like a magnet. Tomasz adds that the weather was perfect which was a huge bonus for his photography. He recommends anyone to visit Tuscany as he has very fond memories of the place.

I must say his photographs turned out to be amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Tuscany myself, and it really does look like it does in his photos. It is a place that makes you feel at peace and really makes you appreciate life; it is a must-see!

For some more information on Tomasz and his beautiful photographs, visit his Facebook page.  

Images: Tomasz Wieczorek
Source: Bored Panda

Magda Wasiczek’s beautiful photos transport you into a fairy tale world

Do you remember reading books as a child about fairies who live among beautiful flowers? Magda Wasiczek is a Polish photographer, whose photographs of nature look like they’re taken out of a fairy tale. These photos seem to transport you into a different world, they are that unique and beautiful.

Magda uses photography as a tool to raise awareness about nature. She likes to look a bit deeper than just on the surface, by taking note of the small details in the flowers, plants and small animals she photographs. Magda likes to get close up to her subjects and really captures the beauty that many don’t notice.

The Polish photographer has always been artistic, before photography she loved to paint and draw. Her aim with these photos is to show people how beautiful nature around us really is. In today’s fast-paced world, not many people stop to smell the roses and the average person doesn’t notice what’s around them.

Magda hopes that when people look at her fairy tale photos, the child inside them will wake up. She believes that through a child’s eyes the world is more mysterious, full of surprises, fascinating and colourful. She hopes that all people will begin to see the world and nature around us like this again.

It really does feel like I’ve been transported to another world when looking through Magda’s photographs. I love the details and beautiful colours. For more photographs, have a look at Magda’s website

Source: Bored Panda
Images: Magda Wasiczek

Décor Ideas: Succulents

Every now and again it’s time to update your décor at home; after all they do say that change is a good thing! But, this can get very expensive if you decide to do a complete overhaul. I think that changing or introducing one or two small things will do the trick.

Go green this year by bringing in small succulent plants in beautiful ceramic pots, I think these would look great on your kitchen windowsill. They will definitely brighten up you space, and what’s great is you can go for any size you like. Not only do they make great décor, but you are getting in touch with nature by bringing plants into your home.

There are so many different kinds of succulents you can choose from, some even have cute little flowers. Luckily, nurseries in South Africa usually have a wide range and they will be able to give you some good advice! Succulents don’t need much water and are hardy plants; therefore not much TLC is needed.

If you are looking for something a little different, Hobby sells these great hanging planters on Hello Pretty. Have a look at their shop here. Swagger Collective sells these amazing pots and planters over here


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