Meet loving-life Lisa, Hello Pretty's zesty intern 🙋🏻‍♀️

Hi there! My name is Lisa, and I will be interning at Hello Pretty for the coming 3,5 months (until the 21st of December). I am very enthusiastic for these coming months. This is actually my first time in South Africa and I must say I love it already and want to see and explore as much as I possibly can!!!

Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself first….! I am an 18 year old girl from The Netherlands, living in a small town called Laren (very close to Amsterdam). Although my mother is a Dutchie, my dad is from Austria and his roots lay in Armenia!

My friends play a huge part of my life and I absolutely love to hang out with them and go on adventures together as well as party as much as we can.

I love to be outdoor doing all kind of different activities, such as yoga and running or walking with my sweet dog. But the thing I love most doing is to travel, seeing and experiencing new cultures and meeting new people from all over the world.

I feel very lucky that I’ve got the opportunity to work for such an amazing company with the loveliest of colleagues <3. Currently, I’ve only been here for 5 days ( arrived the 4th of September), but Cape Town already feels like my happy place. I mean how can it not? The people are amazing, the food is insanely good and OMG the wine is from another planet!!! So is guess its gonna be a “ work hard, play hard” kind of lifestyle here for me… cant wait to figure it out!

So yeah, I am a very happy gyallllll,
Again ( one last time) ….. CANT WAIT FOR THESE MONTHS!!! ( sorry, I am just very very very excited)

The happiest girl alive, Lisa <3

Hello Dutch Pretty - meet Sem!

Hi there, my name is Sem (yes, this is my full name), a Dutch Fashion Student who’s ready to be Hello Pretty’s intern for the next five months. I feel blessed to get this great opportunity to be part of the Hello Pretty family and to live in this fantastic city (Cape Town).

I'm a spontaneous and sociable twenty-two year old girl who's always up for a party, so I can't leave good food and drinks standing. I love to travel and my dream is to see as much of the world as possible. I’ve left a bunch of lovely people in the Netherlands to start this adventure, but I've already found a lot of lovely friends in Cape Town.

I came to CPT with a 60 KG suitcase fully packed with clothes, I love clothes.

I'm in the process of completing my studies, and I'm sure that Hello Pretty has a lot to offer me, so I can go home with a new family, two suitcases full of knowledge, a lot of great memories and to graduate in February and rock all the Dutch people's asses off. I am excited to show you what I (& Hello Pretty) have to offer.

Byeee (in Holland I say: GROETJES)
P.s. I cannot wait to face a new summer season!!!!

Hello Pretty is looking for an intern!

Hello Pretty is looking for an intern!

Applications for July are now closed.

Pretties, as a former intern at Hello Pretty myself, I am super excited to announce that we are embarking on an internship programme here at HP HQ.

We're looking for someone to train up on the social media front in particular, so if you're the type of person whose friends give them a hard time for never putting their phone down over dinner, perk up your ears.

Hello Pretty needs an intern!


  • Must love design in all its forms;
  • Must have an insatiable Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram addiction, and so already have a working knowledge of how to use the various platforms;
  • Must be Cape Town based, or able to get to the City Bowl once a week to check in and for training;
  • Must have access to a smartphone and laptop, with permanent access to a reliable internet connection;
  • Must be a spelling and grammar nazi - someone who never, ever writes words like ‘bcoz’ or ‘wud’, and someone who respects proper capitalisation;
  • Must have completed matric - if you're an undergrad student looking for something part time, we're looking at you!
  • If you enjoy dabbling in photography, that's a bonus - you don't have to be a pro, we'll be giving tips and pointers as we go. :)

We would need interns to be able to commit to 15 - 20 hours a week, for three months, starting from the 6th of July. We're super flexible, so can arrange to work around any class schedules. Other than a weekly check in, you can work from home. (Once you start working in your pajamas it's very difficult to turn back!)

To Apply:

  • Stop! Do not send us a CV. This will be the fastest way to get us to reject your application. Don’t even be tempted. We can see your finger poised over that ‘Attach’ button. Back away!
  • Write to us and in one or two paragraphs, tell us who you are. If this includes relevant work experience then that’s cool, but we don’t need to know about the waitressing job you did while you were in school.
  • Send links to your public social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc). Candidates' social media personas will be considered during the shortlisting process, but don’t worry, we are nice people and will not judge you if you have posted the occasional ‘party-juice’ tweet (unless your grammar turns to rubbish when you do) ;)  

The address to contact is info@hellopretty.co.za. Use the subject “Intern Application: {YOUR NAME}”. The people you’re contacting are Scott, Lee and Sam. You can see who we are on our About page.

We’ll be accepting applications for one work week - you have until the end of Friday. We'll be in touch about the success of your application and next steps - we'll be interviewing shortlisted candidates from the 29th of June until the 3rd of July.

Go go go!


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