Food Art

Bento Monsters Takes Food Art to the Next Level

Stay-at-home mom, Ming, makes the most incredible lunches for her two boys. Trust me; they are something to be jealous of! It all started when her first child went to primary school and he was having trouble adjusting. She wanted to pack a cute lunch with notes, so that he can have something to look forward to when break time came.

The charabens, which are decorative bentos, have now become a hobby. Ming started taking photos of her food art and decided to start a blog; Her blog has many recipes and tutorials, so there’s no excuse for you not to try it out! She also posts many photos to her Instagram account and she has brought out a book with some amazing recipes and ideas.

How adorable are the piglets and the sleeping bunnies? To all the moms out there, are you up for the challenge? 

Source: Bored Panda
Images: Bento Monsters

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