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Dubai’s Amazing Floating Apartments

Picture lying in bed with a panoramic view of colourful tropical fish swimming around a beautiful coral bed, a pod of dolphins or maybe even a shark or two? This is now possible thanks to the developers of the Kleindienst Group, who are going to build 42 floating boat-like structures called “The Floating Seahorse”. 

The amazing properties, which are now for sale, are set to be completed at the end of 2016. Each ‘apartment’ will have three levels: an upper deck with an amazing view, the main floor which is at sea level and then an underwater section which will contain the master bedroom and bathroom. Phase one and two of the project have already been sold out and they will be launching a third phase, “The Heart of Europe”.

The company said in a press release that the project’s name is linked to protecting sea life in the Persian Gulf. They plan to create an artificial coral reef, which will be a safe place for seahorses to live and breed. This will of course all be seen from the apartment’s lower level.

When thinking of Dubai, I picture grand building projects, so these underwater apartments will fit right in! I can just imagine how relaxing it must be to take a bubble bath while watching the seahorses swimming around the coral, but a small part of me would be terrified at the thought of being submerged under water.

Would you live in one of these apartments? I guess every day would feel like a holiday! 

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