Celebrate Constantia? Yes, definitely!

We've always loved the Constantia region. The scenery is magnificent, with beautiful streets lined with age-old trees, stately homes and vineyards. It also happens to be home to one of our favourite wineries - Groot Constantia (we were not bribed or paid to say this. Taste their 2013 chardonnay and you'll see). No guest of mine is ever allowed to leave Cape Town without having visited the Groot Constantia estate.

A very short distance before you turn off into Groot Constantia is a beautiful little centre called Constantia Village. It hosts lovely little boutiques and restaurants - well worth a visit.

Last week, we attended an event to Celebrate Constantia at the centre, and it really did feel like a celebration. There was live music, tastings from local wineries, chefs, breweries and a variety of proudly South African goodness.

We were also able to sit down and learn to make flower crowns, and macrame plant hangers which we were able to take home with a plant in. An escape to a tiny paradise away from the routines of the work week.  

I have to commend the organisers. This was one of the most relaxing, well-run and enjoyable events that I've attended. Ethereal Bound Journal / Butterknife teams you can be really proud of yourselves, it was awesome. I'm so happy that we were able to attend.

A shout-out to the fantastic sponsors, collaborators and participants:

That time we couldn't restrain ourselves for more than an hour.

Last monday was an exciting day for the team: our brand new intern Néna joined our team for 3 months! So we hung out together at Hello Pretty HQ and stuffed our faces with cheese. Wonderful, wonderful cheese. We got a picnic kit from Fairview that was actually intended to be a load-shedding candle-lit picnic-dinner kit, but there was no chance of that stuff lasting more than an hour. I mean, look at this.

and three different types of cheese: the white rock with figs, an onion and chives cream cheese "loaf", and my personal favourite, a camembert. Thankfully their cheeses are actually widely distributed.

Fairview, we love you guys. And as well, we love cheese! A lot. No but really, really a lot. Thank you for this bundle of heavenly goodness. It made for an infinitely better lunch than the take-out we were planning to get.

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