Hello Pretty visit to Kerry from TableArt's home studio

You know that feeling of having so much to do you can't handle it anymore?  And then you are also expecting guests in the evening, and you want to impress them with a lovely looking table but you simply don't have the time? Well, that problem can be easily solved with the disposable placemats from  TableArt. They are not only super practical but also can transform your table from a No to a Hell Yeah

We visited Kerry, the designer behind the brand, and ended up chatted for a long time! It was lovely to meet one of our sellers and put a face to the brand. We were welcomed in Kerry’s beautifully-decorated home not only by Kerry herself, but also our new hairy friend Pluto. 

We were sitting down while enjoying our rooibos tea and some biscuits and we talked about TableArt as a brand and everything that comes along with running a business with so few hands - just Kerry and her assistant. And we can tell you this: it's a lot! From the initial creative progress, to the designing, to the meticulous quality checking and precise packaging of the products, to finally sending them off to the customers.

It was nice to see how meticulously Kerry manages her business. We could even call it perfectionism, and you can see it in the end product. Every product (not only placemats but also trays, coasters, Glow Lights, place cards, greeting cards and tags) is made with lots of love and care, and we can see that.

TableArt is a brand success story and we can't wait to see what's to come. We're super excited to see it continue to grow and expand.

Cool Plates on Hello Pretty

Are you tired of eating out of the same old boring plates from the kitchen cupboard? I’ve found some pretty cool plates on Hello Pretty that will bring something new and exciting into your kitchen. You could even display some of them if you wanted, they’re that cool.

These white plates from Sandy Godwin Clay Creations are taken next level with the wavy look and details, I think they would make any table look amazing. These nice legs dinner plates from BeKind are cute and unique and are bound to put a smile on your face.  They also make these love more plates, reminding us to give a little love every day.

How cute is this blue and white bunny plate from the Pink Orange Designs Store? They would be perfect for the kids. This is something completely different and exciting; the edge ceramic plate from Aaron Kearney Design, allows you to eat without a knife. How cool are they?

Image one: white plates
Image two: nice legs
Image three: love more
Image four: bunny plate
Image five: edge ceramic plate

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