We're OPEN FOR BUSINESS during COVID-19 lockdown! Some need-to-know info

It's bad enough that we're worried for ours and our loved ones' health, wellbeing, livelihood and whether or not we'll have toilet paper - we don't want you to lose your online shopping too!

Hello Pretty is business as usual, but remember: we're an online marketplace, not an online shop, just the same as Bidorbuy. When you buy something on Hello Pretty, you're buying directly from the person who makes what you've ordered. We provide the platform so that small independent businesses can sell their things to you.

By using Hello Pretty to buy directly from the creative talent whose hands are actually making what you buy, you're supporting a small business, and probably a little family. You're also supporting our own small business, Hello Pretty - we're an owner-run tiny team of 3 people and we want to keep doing what we love, which is to support other people doing what they love. Also: you do not need to don a mask and skulk down any aisles in fear, when you're shopping online.

So, as a shopper, here's the skinny: It's business as usual over here, but in order to not break the law, no orders will be shipped until we taste our glorious freedom from lockdown. So you should assume a minimum of a 3 to 4 week delay on receiving your order, over and above the existing shipping lead times that each seller has set.

We of course are here to protect you, should you run into any issues with your order post-lockdown. We are also communicating with our sellers and asking them to please be extra communicative with you. They and you will get one another's contact details when you place your order, so that you can be in touch with one another.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this very peculiar time, and thank you for supporting us and our sellers. Our team will be here to assist any customers or sellers who run into any issues.

Stay safe, and we love you all for sticking with us,

PS This situation is very fluid; pretty much everything is subject to change and we'll do our best to communicate if it does.

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