the Daisychain

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We’re the Daisychain and we’ve been making sterling silver jewellery here in Cape Town since September 2016.

Marguerite is a local girl in her twenties that’s in love with designing and manufacturing jewellery – so much so that she taught herself. She is dedicated to empowering young South Africans and aims to collaborate al her business ventures with organizations that support these individuals.

We aim to make women feel gorgeous and gracious in our pieces & to inspire them to empower and support each other.

Our future goals are to create more jobs and train these employees in the art of jewellery making. We would like to start working with some South African organizations that work specifically with young local women.

We would very much like to collaborate with other brands and influencers who have the same goals and values as us. We have options for influencers and are always up for some new ideas. Email us if you’re interested.


  • All our materials and any other substances used in the manufacturing of our pieces are very carefully sourced. We also use minimal packaging when shipping our pieces to their gorgeous new homes Everything is handmade with lots of love – should you have any problem with your piece feel free to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to sort it out. Because everything is handmade - it might hve some smaal imperfections.