Hi there. This whole project came about from a strong bond between mother and daughter and a love and passion for crafts. This is how "Suncatchers" was born.

These simple suncatchers live up to there name of "catching the sun", simply hang in an open window or doorway (plastic suckers for glass provided if needed but these do work better with the flat drops) and watch the Suncatcher work. Once the sun hits, your room or space will be filled with hundreds of tiny rainbows. We have over 80 colours available to choose from and are happy to custom make a Suncatchers for you or some special in any colour or length.

Check out our Facebook page and watch a few of the videos that show much greatly the Suncatchers do their job! Truly beautiful....

We also have a variety of different shape drops in various sizes. All Suncatchers are available in either Gold or Silver coloured finish. (*Please note, due to the huge variation of colours as well as the availability of such we shall do our best to match up the colours you see to what you receive) 

Should you wish to contact us about a custom order, please feel free to contact either myself (Naomi/Daughter) on 084 825 8093 or via email at [ email hidden ]/[ email hidden ] or via my mum (Janice/Mother) on 074 298 1781 and we will get back to you. Kindly note, that we do this as a hobby and both have full-time jobs, so if we don't pick up our phones, or answer your emails too quickly that we mean no offense. We will get back to you as soon as we can

Please note: Regrettably we cannot offer refunds. There are of course cases where a refund would be considered (we are not that mean) but....this is wholly at our discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

If there are any issues with regards to bad manufacture - we will obviously take responsibility for this. Kindly let us know via email or phone and we will arrange a way to return it to us. We will then either re-make it or repair the suncatcher and send it back to you. 

Should the item arrive and it not be what you thought, ie; the colours differ from the photo - this we cannot take responsibility for. You are welcome to return it to us (at your own cost) and we will try our best to send you something more to your liking colour wise.

Regrettably, we cannot take responsibility should the item arrive damaged in the post. We package our suncatchers with love and care before postage but after it leaves our workshop, it is beyond our control (We only wish we could tell the postman to be more careful) We are aiming to use courier services with delivery times estimated at 2-3 days. We shall, of course, keep you in the loop about the delivery time after the order is received. This is unfortunately why the delivery costs are so high as we cannot trust the South African Postal Service (*fail)

If we send you the wrong item, we would take responsibility for this and would arrange to get the wrong item back to us and send the correct item as soon as possible.

Should something else happen, we would gladly communicate with you and see how we can resolve the issue! :)

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