Sugar and Vice

WHEN the standard high-street commodities no longer tickle your fancy, it’s time to start wishing and wanting original and really cool home decor that is made with ingenuity, passion and attention to detail. S&V is the baby of Natalie Vice, WHO has an innate artistic fever, creating captivating illustrations by hand and transforms them into stunning digital prints.  The opportunity to decorate (or redecorate) your life is WHAT S&V is all about and our online shop lets people the world over come together, shop and enjoy. S&V is a place WHERE vintage meets nouveau, pretty meets practical and tattoos meet with teapots. Locally sourced materials and craftsmanship is WHY S&V is not only handmade but proudly South African. 

SUGAR AND VICE manufactures and sells really cool and original home decor for the house-proud. Each and every product is made from quality material, locally sourced and manufactured so you can decorate your life with proudly South African home decor products. 

Sugar and Vice is not just a one night wonder. Instead, it is the coming to life of a long lasting dream and is the result of a lengthy journey of enlightenment, lots of hard work, long nights, early mornings, lack of sleep and the learning of a good few life lessons along the way. 
I am a born and bred Cape Townian who has worked in a variety of industries gaining heaps of experience whilst I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I have studied Interior Decorating through correspondence, which I thoroughly enjoyed and then completed a part time Graphic Design and a Business Management course whilst working as a Marketing Manager. 
In 2014, I walked 200km’s through the French and Spanish country side as part of the Camino de Santiago. Ending at the the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, the route is often deemed as a retreat for spiritual growth and was an incredibly personal journey for me, one that made me realise that owning my own business and being able to share my creativity with others is my true desire.
When I returned, I was spending all my free time drawing designs and making samples for what would soon become the basis of Sugar and Vice.  Being retrenched in 2014 was the catalyst for change and although I wasn't ready to give up all steady income just yet, it allowed me to give Sugar and Vice the attention it needed to start to become a real functioning business. I continued working part time and taking on freelance design work so that I was not solely relying on Sugar and Vice for income. 
In March of 2015 I was finally ready to focus on Sugar and Vice full time. It was incredibly scary and it took tons of courage, but I was convinced that I had to follow my heart and do what would make me truly happy. I spotted a gap in the market for the sort of pretty, quirky homeware products and functional ceramics that I would like to buy for myself.  I draw inspiration from nature, human anatomy, mandalas, henna, tattoos and geometric motifs for my illustrations. I took my hand drawn illustrations, digitized them on the computer and transformed them into artworks which I printed onto an array of different products that are now available in my online shop.  
All my products are made in Cape Town and the ceramics and textiles are handmade.  It is very important to me that I support local producers and suppliers in and around Cape Town and I spend a lot of time sourcing and working with them to produce my products.
Sugar and Vice contains all the things I love and that I wish I had in my own home.  As like my home, it will never be complete but rather a work in progress. I am constantly busy with on-going projects at home and at S&V and you can read about it on my blog as well as following me on FacebookTwitter,Instagram and Pinterest.
Natalie Vice, Owner & Designer

Once payment is received, it can take between 3 - 5 working days to dispatch your order. Then you have to add on the shipping time, depending on which option you choose:

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2.) Pick up your Order (in Cape Town CDB) at one of the stores that I stock at. I usually go to Cape Town once a week and will be able to leave your parcel at one of the stores.

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