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BLUE SmartCollar for MEDIUM DOG BREEDS by SmartHound
BLUE SmartCollar for MEDIUM DOG BREEDS by SmartHound
BLUE SmartCollar for MEDIUM DOG BREEDS by SmartHound
BLUE SmartCollar for MEDIUM DOG BREEDS by SmartHound
BLUE SmartCollar for MEDIUM DOG BREEDS by SmartHound
Wearable tech to keep your dog safe! This collar is more effective than a tag, and faster than a microchip!

This SmartCollar is ideally suited for medium breeds from Staffordshire terriers to pit bulls. It contains an nfc tag which is readable by most smart phones - for more information watch our YouTube Video - [ link hidden ]/watch?v=tQQPBAR4-mU&t=2s 

Neck size for collars:
Miniature: 20 – 30cm
Small: 30 – 40cm
Medium: 40 – 50cm
Large: 50 – 65cm

The SmartCollar® has integrated an NFC tag into its design.
NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for transfer of data such as texts or numbers and transfers it to another NFC device, such as a mobile phone.
Store your details on your pet’s NFC tag. You may choose to store a web address, a vCard ID, a telephone number etc. Allowing NFC enabled smart phones to read your information, should someone find your lost pooch they can safely, and quickly return your beloved pet to you.
An NFC tag doesn't require batteries and it's durable and waterproof. It can be reprogrammed, so you can change the information you want to transfer, depending on your needs. It can be reliably read by most devices and mobile phones and can transfer information 100,000 times.

This product is PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN - designed and created locally, because local is lekker! It's also completely vegan! 

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