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Seller Giveaway by Services
Notice from Services: This store is currently on vacation mode due to Sam who is currently undergoing medical attention. At this time we cannot say for certain when we will be returning.

Please contact Porchia who will be able to assist you for further updates.

So you want to give some cool stuff away? Awesome!

We usually only run competitions in partnership with Hello Pretty designers, but we are always willing to consider third parties if the prize and brand are appropriate (for example, we might run a fragrance giveaway in partnership with a local design store, but we wouldn't be comfortable with a promotion with an international denim brand). Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can cook up.

We'll need you to provide the prize images for the competition, but we retain full right to make changes and edit these images if there's a need.

Please note that in giveaways we ony promote your Hello Pretty store via our social channels, we don't link out to non-Hello-Pretty websites or social accounts.

A giveaway includes:

We'll decide on the entry mechanic for the competition together, but reserve the right to veto a mechanic we feel would negatively impact on Hello Pretty.

Pair it with a Vanity Mail

The Vanity Mail is a great option to pair with a giveaway. Giveaways on their own cost R700, but when run together with a Vanity Mail, a giveaway will only cost you R350.

Click here to pair this with a Vanity Mail

Now for the boring bits and pieces

  • Sales and other results cannot be guaranteed. People are mysterious and unpredictable creatures. Giveaways should be approached first and foremost as a marketing and visibility tool.
  • It's important to us that Hello Pretty maintain it's image and aesthetic. To that end, we require final say over any content in your giveaway. Any text will need to suit Hello Pretty's tone and style to retain the integrity of our content. We don't post press releases or straight-up advertising content.
  • Images used are extremely important. In certain cases, we might require you to get professional or clearer high-quality images. In certain instances we'll guide you on how to take the photos with your cellphone.
  • All giveaways must be booked, confirmed, and paid for in full a minimum of two weeks before it is due to run. Failure on this point means that we might need to reschedule it. We'll let you pick the date that your giveaway will begin, but this is subject to availability and must work within Hello Pretty's regular schedule (for example, we can't run your giveaway on days where we have other giveaways currently running).
  • Hello Pretty reserves the right to cancel any giveaway at any time. If we feel we that content is inappropriate or not a good fit, a full refund will be offered after consulting with you.
  • We don't run any form of promotion for tobacco or tobacco-related products. Alcohol-related promotion is subject to review.

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