Rheola Knitwear

Rheola’s Knitwear Label

As told in her story, Rheola began with knitwear, making jerseys for the market. In the nearly 35 years since then, she has expanded her range and capabilities, experimenting with a multitude of fibres, designs and styles. She loves the feel and flexibility of the 100% cotton that she uses, both in her machines and by hand.

You can see a large selection of the knitwear range below – please click the photos for larger images. If you wish to know more, please visit the shop, or contact her to find out more about this comfortable, fashionable, affordable and unique range.

Tsa Lapeng

Tsa Lapeng is a community operated business, running in the village of Makgolokoeng, Free State. The story begins in 2008, when a local community charity called Tshwaranang began working with Rheola, with funding from the N3TC. Beginning with just five ladies designing and creating their own items, or putting their own mark onto Rheola’s design, the label now works with 20 women, and is hoping to expand whilst retaining sustainability.

One key aim of the label is to allow women to live and work in the village, their natural environment, to produce authentic items without the disruption of industry and commuting that so often results from modern business. Thus the label is called Tsa Lapeng, or “made at home” in the local language, Sotho. All of the products are individually made and collectively designed. All materials are made from natural fibres, with organic where possible, and often with newer fibres, such

as bamboo. Expect quality and a personal touch with every item you purchase!

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