Raven's Nest Boutique

Raven's Nest Boutique is on vacation. Have a browse and check back later to buy something.
Notice from Raven's Nest Boutique: Depending on the intricacy of a design, please allow up to 2 weeks for standard items (3 weeks for boutique items) to be manufactured; sometimes we have to weave up to 3000 jumprings into a piece one by one!

Handmade chainmaille jewellery and accessories ~ designing and making chainmaille jewellery since 2010

  • Proper care instructions are provided with all my chainmaille jewellery. 


  • I do maintenance and care on my jewellery; IF YOU HAVE FOLLOWED THE PROPER CARE INSTRUCTIONS and something is still wrong, I will repair the item for free if you cover the postage costs (round trip).

I unfortunately do not accept returns as all my items are handmade and tailored to fit you as a buyer. Please contact me if you have an issue with an item so that we can see if and how we can sort things out. 

I make use of Postnet's R99 Postnet to Postnet shipping method; please see [ link hidden ]/index.php/postnet-courier/2013-06-13-14-19-05/postnet2postnet for further details.