Crocheted miniatures by Suami

The Pug!  The tiny little Pug!  The mini dragon!  *squeals*

These tiny crocheted creatures are adorable!  Japanese crochet wizards, Suami, have just about made my eyeballs explode from the teensy cuteness that is their work.

I’m a clumsy oaf, so once I got beyond the awesomeness, I struggled to get beyond the skill.  I make even tying shoelaces look rubbish, so I find myself staring at my hands, wondering how ON EARTH someone could produce something like this, and then on such a small scale.

Hi five Suami.

Buy some of their itty-bitty animals over at their Etsy store, and send us pics.  Only you have to buy more than one.  They have to have friends - they’re too sweet to be lonely.

Posted by Lee on 10 Apr 2013

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