Wanted: a Hello Pretty intern

** UPDATE: applications are now closed. Thank you, all you lovely people **

I think it’s time to concede that we don’t have enough hands or hours in the day to do everything that needs doing around here. Like a boss! We could use a little help.

We’re looking for someone to fill an intern position for a fixed period of three months, starting as soon as you’re able to.

The main thing you’ll be doing is blogging and helping run our various social media channels, with the occasional customer support and probably some shopping. So it’s a pretty cool position! But bear in mind that this an intern, and therefore a junior, position

This isn’t an in-office position - you’ll be working from your home (or coffee shops, or whatever floats your boat). If the right candidate isn’t in Cape Town where we are, that is ok.

The right someone will:

  • heart design in all its forms;
  • be one of those people whose friends give them a hard time for never putting their phone down over dinner
  • have an insatiable Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram addiction;
  • be fun-loving, have a sense of humour and be friendly (no internet whiners please);
  • be a spelling and grammar nazi… someone who never, ever writes words like ‘bcoz’ or ‘wud’, and someone who respects proper capitalisation;
  • have a smart phone and laptop or computer, with permanent internet connectivity;
  • have completed matric;
  • love shopping; and
  • be good at following instructions and reading properly. This might sound like a ridiculous request but you would be surprised how many people do not.

If you’re into photography, that would be a nice bonus too.

To Apply

  • Do not send us a CV. This will be the fastest way to get us to reject your application. Don’t even be tempted. We can see your finger poised over that ‘Attach’ button. Back away!
  • Write to us and in one or two paragraphs, tell us who you are. If this includes relevant work experience then that’s cool, but we don’t need to know about the waitressing job you did while you were in school.
  • Send links to all your public social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc). We are going to choose a candidate based on their social media persona. Don’t worry, we are nice people and will not judge you if you have posted the occasional ‘party-juice’ tweet (unless your grammar turns to rubbish when you do) ;)  

The address to contact is info@hellopretty.co.za. Use the subject “Intern Application: {YOUR NAME}”. The people you’re contacting are Scott, Adeline and Sam. You can see who we are on our About page. We are really sorry, but we are not in a position to respond to every application, even though we would like to. Thanks for understanding. We’ll be accepting applications for one week.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Posted by Sam on 26 Jan 2013

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