Pretty Personal with Ingrid Auret

We all need a little something-something from time to time - and now, you can get sweet and stylish something somethings from Maiden Name. The lovely Ingrid left the daily grind with the intention of creating things that were a little different, and that you were sure to love.


  1. Hello Ingrid! Tell us a little “something something” about yourself.
    Well, I originally studied interior design, then started working as an
    exhibition stand designer; but as I’m sure most creatives feel, I hated
    sitting in front of a computer every day doing things other people told me
    to do. I never actually designed anything. I then decided that an 8-5
    office job is very much not for me, so I left the safety of a monthly
    income and started doing freelance stand designs for a company in Holland
    (which I am still doing) - I was very lucky in that regard. My ultimate
    dream is to have my own shop though, so I started Maiden Name as a small
    range and am now hoping to turn it into a loved brand and hopefully a shop
    one day. Other than that, I love food way too much, love cooking and baking
    as well, I am a sports fanatic and think dogs are the best things to ever
  2. Ah, a dog person. Oh well, we can’t all be perfect. ;)
    Why did you choose the name “Maiden Name”?

    I never used to like my surname, Auret, but over the last few years I
    have grown to super love it! And knowing that in a few years time I’m
    going to have to say goodbye to my beautiful last name, I actually wanted
    to name the shop Auret, but it didn’t work so well as a logo - so, I decided
    that Maiden Name would work well. So now it’s kind of a tribute to my
    surname, which will one day be my maiden name.
  3. That’s a really creative idea! Who and what do you look to for inspiration?
    I am so inspired and proud of where creatives, designers, and entrepreneurs
    in South Africa are at, at the moment. I think we are very much world
    class and I’m so proud to be a South African. And I have to say Cape
    Town is an inspiration, I am so in love with our gorgeous city, I would marry it if I could.
    I love wood, and am trying to keep most of the Maiden Name products natural
    wood - it is something that will always be so loved and wood products are
    just beautiful. At the moment I am also inspired by illustrators and
    beautiful illustrations - they’re right at the top of my “Want” as well as
    "Inspiration" lists. Also, I have a slight ceramics addiction, anything
    from animals to coffee mugs, bowls and plates. 
  4. (Hey Cape Town: Call her.)
    What can you tell us about the something somethings Maiden Name makes?

    A lot of the Maiden Name products are handmade, and everything that is
    painted is hand painted. I personally love everything in the Maiden Name
    range, that is where everything starts… I make things that I would love
    to have so hopefully everyone else wants it. The range is still small, but
    growing fast, and I plan to add a ceramics range later this year also, so
    holding thumbs for that. 
  5. We’ll hold thumbs figuratively. If we did it literally, we wouldn’t be able to type. Last question: Chocolate or vanilla?
    Haha, well that depends on what exactly you’re talking about. Everything
    flavour-wise definitely chocolate, everything else I’ll have to say
    vanilla. But think that chocolate and vanilla actually ALWAYS go really
    well together. :)

Ain’t that the truth. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find something to tickle your design tastebuds in Maiden Name’s Hello Pretty store. You can also get acquainted on Facebook and Twitter.

Posted by Sam on 10 Oct 2012

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