Playtime Soap

Notice from Playtime Soap: Gift packs are now available, please check this store for new items.
Playtime Soap is a creative enterprise, there will always be fresh designs available.

Gift Presentation Art Soap for him, her and the little ones.

Created and handmade by an artist, Playtime soap is unique, fun, funky, delightful and so delicious you may be tempted to eat it!

Playtime soap now has two ranges of soaps, Funky Gift Soaps, and Family Hard Bar soaps. (The family soaps make great gifts too!)

NEW!! Rich Body Butter and Hand Treatment now in stock.

Gift packs with gift combination suggestions are now available

Funky gift soaps are made with whipped shea butter and glycerin soaps for a moisturizing creamy wash. 

Family hard hot process soaps are made with olive, coconut, castor, sweet almond, avocado oils and more organic ingredients, and are now available for those who like a vigorous wash that nourishes the skin.

Customers report a definite improvement in skin condition and health using Playtime Soap.

Essential oils and fragrances are added for a healing, sensory experience for adults, childrens' soaps are lightly fragranced.


   Orders will be shipped within 1 week from date of purchase for items that are in stock.

   An additional 3 days will be needed for making up items that are sold out. 

Playtime soaps are made in the form of a loaf , and are cut by hand too. Weight and size will vary slightly, 0,15 to 0,15 grams per soap slice for family hard bars. Ingredients such as coffee add weight as well.

   Please provide your contact details, e-mail or cell number so that I can notify you of shipping dates.

   Soap slices are packed in celephane packets and boxed/bubblewrapped  for shipping.

   Gift packs are now available with funky gift tags.

   Returns will be accepted within 1 month of purchase, packaged as sent, and if the soap has not been used.

   I will appreciate  a  reason for the return, as it will help me to improve my product .