Pin Kushin

PIN KUSHIN was formed in 2012 by sisters, amy and kirby.

a mutual love of fashion started early on in their childhood, and was encouraged by their seamstress grandmother; this passion for which has continued to the present day.

both sisters have a different sense of style but strive to combine them, creating a 'hybrid' approach to design, that incorporates urban-edginess with a twist of contemporary sophistication.

it’s simple; we love fashion, and this is at the core of the PIN KUSHIN design philosophy:

versatility: your PIN KUSHIN garments can be dressed up and worn to the office, or paired with more casual items for the weekend.

exclusivity: we run small production amounts, so that you’re unlikely to run in to someone wearing the same thing.

comfort: garments are constructed using flattering silhouettes, with quality fabrics that promise to be comfortable and soft against your skin. 

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all sales are subject to PIN KUSHIN terms and conditions, available at [ link hidden ]

delivery address must be accurate

your parcel is packaged with care and PIN KUSHIN cannot be held liable for loss or damage once the parcel has left our facility.

we recommend that garments are hand-washed with cooler water.