Philomena by Hannah Slezackova is designed especially for the confident woman, for that time in your life when you don’t have to pretend anymore, you know who you are. You want to look attractive and sexy, with a subtle edge.

Originally conceptualised as an alternative to maternity wear, all the pieces are designed to wear at any stage of pregnancy, but Philomena has evolved into a brand for all women looking for interesting, timeless and elegant pieces. 

Philomena’s ranges are all limited editions. Hannah doesn't have hundreds of the same design sewn together in a far away land, but keeps her collections small so you needn't fear bumping into someone wearing your dress! Production takes place in Cape Town, South Africa keeping it local, keeping it real and supporting the local textile industry.

The fabrics are an important part of the Philomena design process, often designs are created around the fabrics - soft and flowing that flatter your shape.

The fabrics are sourced locally by Hannah herself and because the designs are not mass produced she is able to use beautiful, unique fabrics such as silk saris from Durban.

Exchanges only unless there is something wrong with the garment.