Patat Design/Ontwerp

Notice from Patat Design/Ontwerp: Remember - collection can be arranged in Pretoria, Cape Town and Paarl.

Patat Design / Ontwerp produces limited numbers of bespoke handmade ceramics and hand printed goods in the seemingly boring (something that is is a total misconception!) suburbian heart of Bellville. Goods are available in the different colours and shapes - please send me a message.[ link hidden ]/Patat-Ontwerp-Design-366895293477396/

Limited goods are held in stock and because goods are HANDMADE no piece will look exactly the same as the previous. Goods presented in the online store are available. If products are not available it could take between 3 weeks and 3 months to produce, therefore please be patient.  Due the fluctuation of the Post office prices, the prices displayed exludes postage. Collection can be arranged in Pretoria, Cape Town and Paarl. 

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