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When our second baby girl was born I felt I had to create a new range dedicated to her and her big sister Hazel.

As a starting point I decided to make work inspired by Clonette dolls.

These popular African dolls are nowadays made out of plastic, but were originally carved out of wood.

We decided to transform them back to where they once came from.

They are known as little “angels” that will look after your baby…

As a little friend they will guide your little one through life!

Our “Clonette” inspired family grew quite a bit over the last two years.

We decided to give her brothers and sisters, grew some of those a mermaid-tail and/or gave them different hairstyles and more...

They now come in a wide variety of figurines.

We decided to create resin composite / ceramic-like casts of our favorite wooden figurines. Those now come in a variety of colours: black, white, light blue, turquoise, sage, mint green, yellow and pink. All figurines are cast and painted by hand.

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