I am a Graphic Designer who decided one day to start "Nice" so that I could make designs with my hands rather than just digital files. I wanted to get my hands dirty.

I started off making wooden items on my laser. I chose this medium as I didn't want to go near plastic, and love that every item looks unique as every sheet of wood has a different shade and grain.

I have now started working with Genuine Leather as well. I buy cut-off's instead of full skins as I don't like to waste anything AND again, every item is then unique.

Making my products brings me much joy, that's why I do it. I hope one of my items can make your heart happy too.

I can also make custom items and engravings, so contact me if you want a special message added to one of my products.

Orders will be dispatched within 3-5 days of receiving the order.

Courier takes 3-5 working days.