Ngwato Wicker and Upholstery

Notice from Ngwato Wicker and Upholstery: There is nothing like finely crafted wicker for understated elegance and style. We tailor-make every piece of furniture for each client. (We've been doing this since 2005!) So, what you get is really one of a kind!
Choose from one of our designs, or simply let us have a pic of something you've seen somewhere, and we'll create it for you!
Custom-made wicker furniture has never been this easy!

When you think of rattan, what do you think of?

Maybe it conjures up images of islands, of crystal blue skies, rain-fresh waters, tropical vegitation, oodles of sun, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

That's why we've been creating the finest wicker, cane, and rattan furniture since 2005. Every piece is lovingly handmade to customer specifications in one of our two workshops in Gauteng.

We ship anywhere in South Africa and internationally!

Once you make the switch to wicker and rattan furniture you'll be hooked! We can't wait to have a chat with you.

  • Once you've placed your order, delivery will be within 14 days

  • Delivery anywhere in Gauteng, South Africa, is 100% free

  • International shipping is quoted per order