Mellissa Bushby Art

Scales, feathers and bones. Big, beady eyes and sharp spiny claws, pods and thorns. Armour plating – armadillo, pangolin, weevil, beetle…rhino. Defenses – teeth, camouflage, flight. Fear, territorial, maternal. My artwork is about all of these, in portraits both intimate and definitive, and as close to character as I can get, in my own way, within my own understanding.

My illustration is about nature. It’s about the embodiment of living things - simplicity, loyalty, majesty, curiousness, quirkiness, and even cruelty, they beguile, enchant and bewitch us. The delicacy of a silken petal unfurling, the tragedy of a dying giant, wether it be an elephant or a baobab, and the years of wisdom and knowledge that die with them. It’s about sleek, it’s about vivid, it’s about breathtaking, formidable and awe-inspiring. And somewhere we must retain an engram of a time when life was simpler, easier, less about greed and want and need. It becomes liminal after a while – the point beyond which we feel sensation is saturated, and something begins to fade. 

It is also about life, what is left of it, and how precious it is, how important to preserve it, wether it be for sentimental, survival, practical or pragmatic reasons. Because sometimes the armour, the teeth, the spines, the claws and flight are not enough. Not anymore. No matter how big – think elephant and rhino, no matter how fierce – think tiger and polar bear, no matter how streamlined and fast – think great white shark and leopard, and no matter how important – think honeybee - we are killing them. Slowly and steadfastly.

So look closely, and maybe you will find something close to your heart. Closer than you thought. Perhaps the vivid red of a carmine bee-eater in flight can make you catch your breath, or the despair of the endangered status of wild dogs might inspire you to rethink their place in the world. Maybe the wanton slaughter of rhinos will break your heart, or the mystical bubbling and sparkling of a tree frog’s call in the dark hours may inspire a forgotten memory of candlelit nights in the ancient bushveld, listening to the sighing of the wind.

Please enter my world, and I hope you find something that inspires and delights, just as I have delighted in bringing these endlessly diverse and extraordinary entities to life on paper. Every one of these has a character unique unto itself. May something touch you enough to want to take it home, and may it bring pleasure and peace into your life.

My illustrations are screen printed onto premium quality Epsom Swiss Canvas, and can either be mounted onto a wooden frame-board or not, in which case the Art print will be rolled and shipped in a secure tube container.

If you would prefer your sketch printed onto paper, please contact me for specific prices.


Canvas sizes are A4, A3 and A2. Prices for the various sizes are:

A4 - mounted: R360 / unmounted: R260

A3 - mounted: R640 / unmounted: R480

A2 - mounted: R950 / unmounted: R770

I also do once off commisioned artworks.

We also have a range of exclusive greeting cards and gift wrap. All designs on our stationery range are indiginous South African plants, animals and birds. The cards are printed on champagne coloured, recycled card, and come with a buff envelope. All designs are in black ink, if you would like a once off, exclusive card which has been customised in colour, please let me know.

The gift wrap is availble in white gloss (dragonfly and leaf skeleton); white bond (Longhorn Beetle and House Gecko); enviro newsprint (Longhorn Beetle & House Gecko); and brown (leaf skeleton, dragonfly, House Gecko and Longhorn Beetle). 


Within South Africa :

Registered mail to nearest PO counter, with tracking number and insurance is approximately R50 rolled and sent in a tube.

Overnight delivery with tracking number and insurance is approximately R100

Courier R86

Overseas will go registered airmail, 10 - 14 days, with tracking number.

Certain orders may cost more or less depending on item as well as quantity.

A courier service is also available.

Depending on the situation, we will refund a purchase, on condition the item is returned within 7 days from it being recieved, and in the same condition as when it left our studio. Postage will be for the buyers account.

Please let us know if you have any queries, thank you ♥.