Professional Decor Designer COURSE

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Professional Decor Designer COURSE by Magi Malan inc
Professional Decor Designer COURSE by Magi Malan inc
Professional Decor Designer COURSE by Magi Malan inc
Professional Decor Designer COURSE by Magi Malan inc
Professional Decor Designer COURSE by Magi Malan inc
Professional Decor Designer COURSE by Magi Malan inc
Professional Decor Designer COURSE by Magi Malan inc
Notice from Magi Malan : Beauty is an orientation of the heart, it transcends the world that is immediately experienced, and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons…………it is not the certainty that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out----- adaptation from Vaclav Havel
Change STYLE, SPARKLE, SPIRIT, SPACE, & STUDY from the outside in, by introducing beauty to every level of life.
Our certifications to our students are proof of our years of experience and practical teachings to let any student stand strongly on their own.
The course includes PDF’s and ON- LINE recordings of the following:
 You are invited to my YouTube channel to see if we are a good fit. There are many videos of me doing TV inserts and other hands-on tricks of the trade. Kindly please email or WhatsApp me for the link of YouTube and Instagram for videos

This book contains all the information you will need to learn all the know-how of how to decorate, written in a practical and easy-to-apply way, using the Magi Malan décor philosophy. This is the long and short of being an interior consultant.
 2.  Project information and sample
Samples of projects that give you a much better idea of how to do your project.
 We showcase some of our students’ work.
 3.  Styling
This course includes our unique system to get to know your client’s style and how to combine different styles successfully. It gives you the benefit of creating a professional décor look without being unsure of how to a apply all you have learned.
    The patented  PICTURENAIRE
Magi Malan’s patented  PICTURENAIRE  system.
Colour picturenaire system©:
        The colour picturenaire is a unique tool that helps the decorator to identify and apply décor colour choices.
      Combine colours, marry different colour choices, and build a professional and essential colour     
Style picturenaire system©:
Use the style system to identify décor styles. This tool helps you read décor styles and combine individual décor styles together.
Fabric style picturenaire system:
       Find the appropriate fabric style for a specific décor scheme or combinations thereof.
  4. Sample Décor business contract
Included in our course is a sample of a contract drawn up by a lawyer. You can use this contract as a basis when working with clients.
  5. Decorators’ fees
We also include a fee structure. The structure shows you exactly when to charge for  what.
  6. Décor consultations
We teach you the different consultation types, what to charge and what constitutes a realistic time schedule – all the how-to of consultations from start to finish.

Plus: DVD recordings of Magi Malan lecturing live in a class set up about décor  ( the DVD’s are on line)
These recordings are about the following topics:
Interior  principles
Styles – popular styles and applications
Styling - all the professional know-how of identifying and marrying clients’ unique styles.
As well as recordings on consultations to show you exactly how it is done.
The recordings eliminate the need to read or study – they are easy to watch at your own pace and time on your computer.
How does it work?
 As soon as we receive proof of your payment and registration you will receive a pdf of the course and the recordings can then be accessed on line via a link   You will be able to watch the recordings at your own time and pace.  The  manual(pdf) are yours to keep forever.  You can re-watch or skip to any lesson in your own time.
 Cost: R 6000
I keep my courses and programs unique, therefore you will not find another similar course anywhere. The modules are designed from personal experience, tried and tested methods, unique hand-on practical exercises and formulas that makes application of the info executable to anyone.

If you would like any more information or want to see/know more of me kindly please see my YouTube page (on the App): magimalan or follow me on Instagram @magimalan  or off course Facebook: magimalan OR email me [ email hidden ]

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Specialise in consulting, coaching, training :

  • Self(confidence)
  • Style(image)
  • Sparkle(passions)
  • Spirit(ownnamebrand)
  • Study(courses)
  • Space(décor)
  • Salon(Laser fat removal &Laser facelift & wrinkle/lip filler
  • Shop(books, cosmetics, bespoke boxes + esthetic products)

My goal is to help my client(s) find an authentic sensibility and provide tips on how to use your own lifestyle as a vehicle of confident self-expression and empowerment. I am a firm believer that we are at our best, when we look good, we feel good and that begins at how we see ourselves.
 change from the outside in

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