Magi Malan

Notice from Magi Malan : Beauty is an orientation of the heart, it transcends the world that is immediately experienced, and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons…………it is not the certainty that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out----- adaptation from Vaclav Havel
Change STYLE, SPARKLE, SPIRIT, SPACE, & STUDY from the outside in, by introducing beauty to every level of life.

I live in Paarl, but intent to make believe it’s Paris, salute life by embracing long grey tresses, wishes I could live the life of luxury, but treasure living luxe on a budget, adore woman with unique ideas and fashions my stacks of design books to serve as side tables. I write about what inspires me at night-time. My  quest for beauty in all things -  started after qualifying as a beauty therapist and running my own salons, thereafter my side hustle as an interior decorator and  designer  turned into a full- time career  after completing numerous interior design courses. More qualifications followed as Image consultant &  aesthetic therapy - specialising in body + face shaping, aesthetic rejuvenation  & lifestyle coaching. . I have been a lifestyle-business owner, motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and lecturer, practising  for the last 25 years.  Married to a plant whisperer, we have a, - beauty with brains daughter- and a son, who is blessed with a heart of a warrior. I owned an International Style School for 20 years and facilitated workshops and seminars on decor, beauty and lifestyles. Helping women to create new careers, lifestyles and achieve personal growth. I strive to help women discovering their hidden selves to reach their dreams while looking fabulous at the same time. My mantra is CREATING CHANGE FROM THE OUTSIDE IN(.I believe if you look good/better, you feel good/better).  I have been a TV lifestyle advisor and impromptu lifestyle presenter for 8 years and worked with celebs e.g. Ryk Neethling,& Nadia Beukes. Worked in association with a couple of magazines(Rooi Rose, Essentials, Home, Garden and Home etc.) doing courses, articles, workshops and giving advice and had talks on radio stations to promote beautiful living. My nigh time hobby is to author fun “How to” booklets and have in print, How to be a Snob, How to be Queening in the land of Philistines, F(Make)ake is as a French girl, a couple of décor books and journals  I swear by black as a colour for everyday wear, reupholsters my French heirlooms with leopard print, will never tire of dreaming creative dreams, hope to learn new things every day, spoil my miniature Doberman to no end and is intent upon doing my bit to share what I have learned, but most of all – live with inspiration and intent.


Specialise in consulting, coaching, training :

  • Self(confidence)

  • Style(image)

  • Sparkle(passions)

  • Spirit(ownnamebrand)

  • Study(courses)

  • Space(décor)

  • Salon(Laser fat removal &Laser facelift & wrinkle/lip filler

  • Shop(books, cosmetics, bespoke boxes + esthetic products)

My goal is to help my client(s) find an authentic sensibility and provide tips on how to use your own lifestyle as a vehicle of confident self-expression and empowerment. I am a firm believer that we are at our best, when we look good, we feel good and that begins at how we see ourselves.

 change from the outside in