Luxe Creations

Hi there!

Welcome to my store :) 

I'm Leanne, someone who never imagined herself as a creative, but here we are! :)

I hope that you will find something here that will suit your personal style. Go on and spoil yourself or your loved ones.

I am always aiming to create fun, quirky, statement pieces that are gorgeous yet very affordable!

Each piece is handmade with the utmost love and care in the beautiful mother city, Cape Town. 

Send through a photo of yourself sporting your new Luxe beauties to be featured on my social media accounts!

With love, 



No exchanges for hygiene reasons

All pieces are handmade and sculpted with care, however sometimes visible fingerprints and slight imperfections may occur.

Free shipping for orders over R500.


- Once your order is processed it will be shipped out within 1-3 working days.

- Free Collection in Somerset West, Cape Town.

- Shipping is done through Aramex -  a street address must be provided.


How to care for your polymer clay earrings

- Although polymer clay is strong it is definitely not indestructible. Store your new beauties in a cool, dry spot and avoid them being knocked around and easily broken or lost.

- Gently wipe your earrings with a damp, soft cloth.

- Be careful with wearing light colour earrings with dark unwashed clothing items.

- Avoid showering or swimming with your new beauties. 

- Do not spray perfume,hair spray or harsh chemicals near or on your earrings.

- Do not sleep with your earrings on.

- Do not allow children to play with or chew on your earrings. 

How to care for your beaded earrings

- Do not cut any threads. All earrings are hand woven with a needle and thread. Should you have a thread come loose, please try and weave it back through some beads going in different directions.

- Seedbead earrings should never be worn while swimming or in the bath or shower.

- Store earrings away from direct sunlight/heat. Beads will discolour with direct sunlight and age. 

- Wipe jewellery very gently with a soft cloth.

- Be mindful when wearing beaded earrings as they are very fragile!

In case of breakage: If you have the unfortunate experience of your earrings breaking, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your pieces with photos of the item and we can discuss a solution. We will however not replace/refund items that have not been cared for or stored correctly. 

We are not responsible for shipping costs on returns.