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Lusso in Italian means “luxury” – and for some living luxuriously is enjoying priceless privileges such as vintage wines, precious jewels, haute couture, eau de parfum, sumptuous bed linen and finely crafted quality garments. Luxury like this is not easy to come by but easy to become accustomed to.          

Lusso or “luxury” for others is simply having a job to go to each day, being able to provide for one’s family and ensuring the education of one’s children.                                                                                   

At Lusso we literally draw the threads together by creating a haven of comfort in both your home and your cllothing which presents you in the best possible way, both in terms of quality and style. Simultaneously we create a haven for those without jobs, one job at a time, providing those previously not as fortunate with the luxury of being able to earn a living.                                                                                           

Since inception in 2013 our manufacturing facility has created 32 jobs in textile manufacturing and our new project and label ID CLARE 67 affirms our commitment to creating 67 jobs in memory of our iconic former President Mandela.                                                                                                        
Lusso has taken the baton and made strides in honoring the concept of 67 minutes, translating it to 67    jobs.    

Our corporate clothing graces the finest hotel chains in South Africa and represents key businesses across all industries effectively to their markets, while our contemporary and multi-dimensional bedding designs explore the use of both colour and texture. Eclectic combinations bring a new element of “fashion” to enable the creation of a sleeping space that is as stylishly sassy. Using design as the differentiating element we are able to offer luxury linen ranges that are unique while retaining the superior comfort of 100% pure cotton, applauded for its sleeping pleasure.                                                                      

We specialise in meeting all textile manufacturing requirements with the highest quality standards executed by our expertly trained individuals whose tailoring and sewing talents are sought after by South Africa’s leading designing talents.                                                                        

It is through our vision of offering an unparalleled quality manufacturing service across both home and body wear that we are able to make a contribution to rebuilding the textile industry in South Africa and bring the luxury of a job to some of the many who dream of this luxury that many take for granted.

Lusso Home and Body Wear is a South African company committed to the development of South Africans. We invite all South Africans to join us in buying South Africa back and to visit our manufacturing and training facility to see our work in progress!

Lusso endeavours to have all items in stock at all times and ships daily. In the event of an item going out of stock shipment will take place in 3 working days and purchaser will be informed.

Purchaser will receive tracking number and email communication of confirmation. . 

Shipping Option One: 

Courier Clothing National South Africa R40.00 

Shipping Option Two:
Courier Linen National South Africa 99.00 

Shipping Option Three:
Goods may be collected by confirmed arrangement@ no charge in Norwood. Arrangements confirmed by email : [ email hidden ]

Returns Policy 
Goods returned within 7 days will be refunded with a voucher if in original condition and not used or washed

Goods returned for a size change will be exchanged with return shipment charges by buyer and new item shipment charges at no cost.