Lukas' Paper Mache Pots

100% Recycled paper
100% African art and inspiration
100% Hand made
100% Lukas!

Welcome to my display room! Each piece is uniquely hand-crafted, and hand-painted by myself inspired by bright South African flag colors. I prove my passion through my art by ensuring each piece is crafted skillfully with precision. Products range from decorative pots, vases, bowls, and lids. From beginning to end, each artwork takes about four weeks to complete. I take my time to ensure the products are standard-worthy before sending them out to bring some awe-inspiring art into my clients' homes.

  • Products are made strong, durable, and stable. 

  • Please specify if you would like any custom colors and/or patterns. I will then finalize the final design with you. 

  • Each product is unique made, thus some variations from pictures are normal. 

  • Currently, the product takes around 4 weeks to be completed for you.

  • Display artwork. Not waterproof  

Hope you enjoy browsing through my products. If you like handmade, recycled, and African art, you are at the right place. Please contact me if you have any questions or feedback. 

My business partner and representative: Anneleen de Beer

Lukas' Paper Mache Pots


If the customer is unsatisfied, the product may be returned (without ANY damage)

The estimated time to ship is 4 weeks from the finalization of the product design. 

Currently, products are made to order. 

Self-collection is the preferred option, but yes we deliver

Please specify product customizations when ordering