Lovemade Natural Skincare

Notice from Lovemade Natural Skincare: Thank you for your support!
By supporting small business you help support a dream, a family and so much more!
Should you wish to stock any of my products in your physical store please contact me to discuss wholesale supply.

Please note: Lovemade products are professionally formulated with natural ingredients only and whilst the chances of skin irritation or adverse reactions are slim, please use cautiously should you have sensitive skin or specific allergies. For ease of reference the ingredients of each product are listed in detail on each product page.

Lovemade, made with love

Lovemade was born out of a desire to make and use bath, body and skincare products that don’t contain any harmful, laboratory-created ingredients that are often more irritating to our skin than nourishing and soothing. I wanted to know exactly what I was putting on my skin!

As a natural skincare formulator I’ve learned how to create awesome skincare products containing only natural ingredients that are good for your skin and general well-being. The benefits of aromatherapy are well-known and all my products contain a careful selection of essential oils to nourish and renew your skin and uplift your mood at the same time.

As I continue with my research and testing of new collections for you to purchase and enjoy, I hope you will find my products as beneficial to you as they are to me, and that you will feel the abundance of love and joy I infuse into every single product I make.

Take care xxx