Lovebirds chandeliers

Lovebirds chandeliers is on vacation. Have a browse and check back later to buy something.

The Journey of the Beaded Chandelier

In 2013 two Zimbabwean brothers decided to showcase their talent on the streets of Kloof, KZN and started making figurines out of scrapyard wire. In 2014, after noticing their talent, 2 local companies, one being the [ link hidden ], approached them for a partnership. The brothers supplied them with magnificent wire structures for about 2 years. During that time they gained a great deal of knowledge in art work, including the art of beaded chandeliers.

Later in 2016 they returned to the streets of Kloof and decided to improve their skills. They decided to create their own company, “with love and unity which brought us to that stage we decided to name our company Love Birds” selling beaded chandeliers in many shapes, colours and sizes.

Lovebirds now have multiple beaded chandelier designs under their belt. These can be found in shops such as [ link hidden ] and the Aids Centre galleries. Their work has proudly been showcased in the [ link hidden ] 2016/17 issue, as well reached overseas homes in the US and Australia.

Brighton, Prince and Kieth are the talented men behind Lovebirds and Spruce can’t wait to spec one of their beautiful beaded chandeliers in your home. They have 4 primary styles:

  • Classic

  • Wagtail

  • Fluffy Tail

  • Crisscross

They happily custom make a chandelier to suit your needs, with sizes ranging from 40x30cm to 1.4m in height! You can also select the bead colour you prefer, such as classic white or cream, grey, black, duck egg or turquoise.