Like Rain Productions

Many moons ago there were three sisters who loved to create 'stuff' from 'scratch'. As with most humans, these three sisters grew up, got married and went their separate ways, but the passion to create remained...finally, years later, the three sisters (and their hubbies) threw all their ideas together and Like Rain Productions were born.

At Like Rain, we believe that ideas are seeds lying dormant, just waiting for some rain to grow into something amazing! To put it differently, to us, 'Like Rain' portrays new give a seed that was planted the means to bring new life to an idea..."only when we have rain do we have something of substance".

As the rain leaves evidence of new life everywhere it goes, so we have new ideas sprouting all the time - and the exciting part is, those sprouts are not just our own! We offer MANY services not listed here, like, amongst other things: photo canvases, logo design and branding, stationery, custom invitations, party decor and other design related services and products, so feel free to contact us directly to see our current 'rain forecast'. Soon you'll be able to hop on over to our website and Facebook Page to have a look at 'where it's raining'. check in regularly... We are very excited to meet you and look forward to Growing Ideas with you soon!

We know you JUST CAN'T WAIT to open your Like Rain package and we aspire to make that happen even sooner than you expect...but, just in case things don't work out quite as we plan, we have to add that it may take between 7 and 14 days before your favourite Like Rain item will arrive at your doorstep . So, just hang in there...

Please take note:

Although we take utmost care to properly wrap your Canvases in order to prevent damages during transit, sometimes accidents do happen. Please contact us in the event your package was damaged.