La Mae Jewellery

Notice from La Mae Jewellery: Happy New Year! May 2022 be magical for you!
Besides the items in my online store - I specialize in creating bespoke pieces so please feel free to contact me for personal designs. My email is or check out my IG page @lamaejewellery. Happy Shopping! :)

Inspired by a true passion for the art of jewellery making, La Mae Jewellery was born. I treat each jewellery item I make as a tiny work of art, therefore each piece in my collection has it's own individuality and personality just like the person wearing it!

Since I make my jewellery by hand, each piece is created using genuine precious metals. At La Mae Jewellery I am inspired by love, nature and all the beautiful things in life.

I also make custom made jewellery so please feel free to contact me for any enquiries in this regard.

I hope you enjoy browsing through all my collections as much as I have enjoyed creating them.


Yolande Mae