Kulcha Kollektive

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Notice from Kulcha Kollektive: Randburg

Dabbling in Geek, Steampunk, Biker, Alternative and Metalhead cultures, we can bring your ideas to life.

We offer a wide range of locally manufactured items, specialising in creative custom work to order.

Here at Kulcha Kollektive we have a wide range of designs that can be printed on, well, pretty much anything. Have something specific in mind? Drop us a line to see what we can do!

2020 has us teaming up with Made in Workshop! This means Kulcha Kollektive has taken on even bigger projects! Need something lazercut? Have a specific sign you want engraved? We can do it.

Locally made with love, all our screen printing is guaranteed. Kulcha Kollektive merch is the perfect gift idea for your favourites and an even better place to find all the alternative, functional art your heart desires.

Inquiries can be emailed to [ email hidden ]

Allow up to 5 days for shipping to cities outside of Johannesburg ( courier services are used)

Orders CAN be collected by special arrangement only

We guarantee the quality of all items and any issues arising will be addressed immediately.

Our silkscreened printing is excellent quality