KausKulture is a Designer Brand that is primarily focussed but not limited to custom sock designs.

KausKulture is inspired by the collective aspirations of the youth of South Africa through the expression of art in textile.

It was formally established by two young black entrepreneurs who are driven by the passion for arts, entrepreneurship and adding value to the livelihood of others

KausKulture aims to influence the fashion industry and what people wear  ‘from the feet up’! Define your style – define your own Kulture!

The design elements go against uniformity still maintaining sophistication. Balancing spontaneity and order is the maturity of sophistication. We have an unparalleled appreciation for attention to detail with no compromise towards quality. 

We are not new school nor old school, we are different dimension school and we present ourselves as limitless.

Free Local (South Africa) Deliveries 
Customers outside of South Africa pay for Shipping