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Welcome to Jemima’s Boudoir Soaps! My customers will remember me from my days at Sylvia’s market in Observatory. My soap stand, Jemima’s Boudoir resulted in many handmade cold process soaps being sold and supplied to many satisfied customers. Our soaps are handmade in Kensington, Johannesburg using the cold process method. We make our soaps the old fashioned way from combining the best oils and butters available on todays market with what is called lye, from there a chemical reaction takes place and that is how soap is made. You can rest assured when using our soaps that you are using top quality oils and butters such as shea and cocoa butter. We do not and will not ever use detergents in our soaps unlike like the store bought ones. All of our soap designs are thoroughly designed and although they look good enough to eat but they are not edible. My soap making journey started with months and months of research in 2016 thoroughly understanding the soap making process together with safety guidelines. Lots of money was spent getting it right and the first time I built up the courage to make a Cold Process Soap it looked like I was deconstructing a dangerous device, I was covered from head to toe in safety equipment, fast forward 4 years and although I am not needing to be covered head to toe in safety gear I thoroughly understand and respect the ingredients used.

Our soaps are designed to produce a soft, stable lather with excellent conditioning that are recommended for every day use.

Our soaps are hand crafted, hand made, hand stirred, hand poured, hand swirled, hand cut and hand packaged by myself and now back in business and operating from my home in Kensington. We make goat milk soap, buttermilk soap, cannabis and hemp infused soaps, yoghurt soap, chocolate mint soap, beer soap, red and white wine soap. Don't forget to like or follow us on Facebook so you can stay up to date on store happenings. Thanks for visiting Jemima’s Boudoir Soaps and we hope to see you enjoy our soaps just as we enjoy making them. 

Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer returns.

All orders will be finalized and shipped within 1- 3working days, once payment has been received. All products are hand made with love, so... batches may vary slightly in colour and size.