Indigo Lily Bespoke Jewellery

I made my first silver ring in my dad's workshop when I was 12. He is an artist and has my dream workshop (everything he needs to do woodwork, metalwork, blacksmithing, silversmithing, pottery and the list continues). I went on to do jewellery manufacturing as a grade 11 and 12 subject at the Jack Meyer Art Centre in Paarl. After school I opted for a jewellery apprenticeship as a qualification in one of the many artforms I enjoyed. I fell in love. The technical challenges of engagement rings, the symmetry, the fire and hammering, the roughness of the process, the organic flowing lines of creative pieces, the polished and beautiful ring at the end of a workday. I passed my trade test up in Olifantsfontein and continued with the company I had apprenticed with, in two of their retail stores in Somerset West, setting up workshops in both and juggling manufacturing with sales, design and other retail duties. In 2008 I resigned and started on my own as Andrea Stander Jewellery in Somerset West. My fledgling business did really well despite the recession. In 2011 I got married and moved to the city and rebranded as &Jewellery. In 2014 our son, Jasper, was born and in 2016 our daughter, Indigo Lily. My jewellery business has become part-time as I spend my days with my children, going to the park, having picnics in the forest, rolling down the lawns in Kirstenbosch Garden. We make artworks together, cook together, clean the house together. They fill my days. Full. On weekends I make jewellery. My husband takes over the forest picnics. We all love the outdoors. Walking, hiking and camping. We also enjoy making outfits for cosplay. I still dream of other creative outlets, like sewing, drawing and crafts. I just don't prioritize them all at this stage in my life.