Illuminate Creations

Notice from Illuminate Creations: We design and manufacture all Illuminate Creation Night Lights. So don't worry if you see an item is sold out. Contact us and we can supply with the character you want!

Please ensure you have a USB wall plug (USB cell phone/tablet charger) or power bank to power the lights. Or purchase a Whizzy South African USB wall charger with your night light for an additional R100.

The lights are not battery powered. Use a power bank to make a light mobile.
We offer customization, so please message us with your ideas.
Please allow for 3 to 5 working days, after payment, to manufacture your item.

Illuminate Creations makes bedtime fun for your kids, with our range of colour changing, character night lights!

A great addition to any kids bedroom with 20 colours in 1 light.

Meet the Illuminate Creations Night Light Characters!

Each Night Light Character is mains powered and the colour, colour setting or brightness can be changed with the use of the remote control.

We design and manufacture all our products, so feel free to contact us.

If one of our items is sold out, message us so we can supply you the night light you want through HelloPretty!

If you have a design and you would like to have it created into an Illuminate Creations Night Light, chat to us, and let's see what we can do!

We can offer customisation and personalisation.

All our lights are now USB powered. So you can power the night lights using a power bank, to make the lights mobile, or a PC, laptop, Sony Play Station.

Because the lights are USB powered our range can be used overseas, without the need to have mains power adaptors.


1. Should you be unsure of the correct shipping fee for your area, please contact us before placing your order. If you select the incorrect shipping option for your area, you will first be required to pay the additional fee for that service.

2. We do not have control over the Couriers, Customs or other service providers and will not be responsible for delays, losses or damage to parcels or their contents

3. Due to the risk of supplying an electrical component, we will not be held responsible for the replacement of any electrical item found to be used out of normal parameters. All items will be fully tested and checked as fully functional before dispatch.

4. We will not be responsible for return shipping fees should you want to return goods.

5. Collections are allowed. Once your order is ready will email you to arrange a time for collection.

6. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please do not buy.

Please note that the Night Light is still an electrical light that works from your house’s main power supply. The lights are not battery powered.


When plugging in the Night Light

  • Plug in the power supply.

  • Turn on the power, so the LED light on the power supply comes on.

  • Plug in the night light.

  • If it does not turn on, please use the on button found on the remote.

  • The power supply will get warm when in use

If your lights stops working please follow the steps below:

  • Please check that the night light is working by plugging it into another USB power source. (EG. A charged power bank, or another USB charger wall plug that you know works) If the night light is off and it is getting power, the night light will flash white when plugged into power.

  • If the red light on the remote does not flash, check that the remote battery is in correctly. Refer to the information found at the back of the remote. If the battery is flat please replace with a new one.

  • The lights are synchronised to their remotes. Meaning one remote controls only one light. When performing the re-synchronisation ensure that the light is powered using the supplied USB power supply. All other Illuminate Creations lights, must be removed from power when re-synchronising a light to its remote.

  • With the light powered using the supplied USB power supply, use the lights remote and press COLOR- and BRIGHT- buttons at the same time. The light should flash white for a second. Flash red green blue continuously. The remote is now synchronised with the light.

You can now use that remote with that light.