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The House of Kallie



A Design & Manufacturing House that specialises in Jewellery, producing both its own ranges and custom pieces, as well as manufacturing custom pieces & designs for other brands & designers while collaborating extensively with other artists who share a common vision.


Using a blend of both traditional and cutting edge techniques combined with the use of non-traditional, traditional & contemporary mediums, the hallmark of the company is producing remarkable pieces of jewellery that are in themselves works of Art. At the heart of the company is a passion for transforming the seemingly ordinary and overlooked and often undervalued into something timeless and precious. We strive to create properly manufactured pieces that are always finished to the highest standard and are made to endure a lifetime.

We do not do bubblegum culture! Each piece is made by hand, each design and every process is scrutinised and each one is given the time and love it deserves with the result being that each item carries in it a little piece of the jewellers soul.


Nothing makes it out of our workshop door unless we deem it to be perfect. From our hands to yours.. and from yours to the next generation. 

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