Honeydog Designs

Hi, I am Alida the Beader, trading as Honeydog Design. I love glass, colour, design, patterns, and there is never enough time in the day for what I want to do !!
I play with fire, and create beautiful glass beads combining fire, glass rods and love. I like variety, and I am always trying out new techniques and combinations. I combine my glass with quality findings, sterling silver, copper and stainless steel, surgical grade to reduce any allergic reactions - especially earrings. My glass is kiln -annealed ( slowly cooled to ensure no stress left in the glass to cause easy breakage.) Although I have droppped plenty of beads on tile floors ( sometimes on purpose to test !!!) I have not had them break 98% of the time, but it is still glass, and it can chip or break if not treated carefully.
I love texture, and also etch copper pieces, and I get terribly excited when I get to combine these pieces with glass.
OK, I'll stop explaining now, otherwise I will start boring you .... but i am always happy to explain techniques and processes on request, so you have an understanding of the quality you are buying....Thanks for stopping by !!!!