Herman van Bon Photography

Notice from Herman van Bon Photography: Prints usually are shipped within 3-4 working days after confirmation of order. During the Festive Season (mid-December to mid-January) customers can expect delays in turnaround times.

"Every #photographer should have [ link hidden ]"Me

An imaginary reality

I’m primary a [ link hidden ]. I live in [ link hidden ]apier, South Africa, together with the love of my life who is also a bit quirky at times and creates the most wonderful [ link hidden ]. We are not mainstream people as you probably figured out.

My pictures are beyond real although most look like it. Sometimes I add something but always I play with perspectives.

My images are an autobiographic fiction; a trendy word for that is ‘faction’. You might wonder which part is autobiographic and which part is the fiction. And; is it fiction or is it fantasy? “Fiction is it when the described events could have happened in reality. Fantasy is it when the impossible is described,” a friend said once. 

I have an associative mindset. Seeing, feeling, hearing or smelling a ‘reality’ is always associated (bridged) with another possible or imaginary reality. I'm inspired by mythology. 


Once ordered there is no way back. Let's be honest; printing on high quality archival paper is very, very expensive.

There are only 10 (numbered) prints per image available. Copyright notice and image-number are hand-written on the back of each print.