Herman van Bon Photography

Notice from Herman van Bon Photography: Prints usually are shipped within 3-4 working days after confirmation of order. During the Festive Season (mid-December to mid-January) customers can expect delays in turnaround times.

"Every #photographer should have the third eye"Me

An imaginary reality

I’m primary a photographer and to earn much needed income I also manage some social media accounts. I live in Stanford, South Africa, together with the love of my life who is also a bit quirky at times and creates the most wonderful jewellery. We are not mainstream people as you probably figured out.
I love story-telling and read books (about 2 – 3 weekly). In between I write short notes, photo captions and short stories. These are all a bit out of the ordinary or is it extraordinary?
Reading and looking to pictures require the imagination of a child; not obstructed by limited boundaries beyond the given.
My pictures are beyond real although most look like it. Sometimes I add something but always I play with perspectives.
My images are an autobiographic fiction; a trendy word for that is ‘faction’. You might wonder which part is autobiographic and which part is the fiction. And; is it fiction or is it fantasy? “Fiction is it when the described events could have happened in reality. Fantasy is it when the impossible is described,” a friend said once. But than quite a few fiction books should be re-classified to fantasy; especially thrillers.

I have an associative mindset. Seeing, feeling, hearing or smelling a ‘reality’ is always associated (bridged) with another possible or imaginary reality.

Once ordered there is no way back. Let's be honest; printing on high quality archival paper is very, very expensive.

There are only 10 (numbered) prints per image available. Copyright notice and image-number are hand-written on the back of each print. All prints in one size (60x40 cm) and shipped in tube container. Shipping only within South Africa.

Orders from outside South Africa: Will be send as high resolution JPEG-file (300 DPI, approx. 6000x4000 pixels) to printer/printing company of customer's choice. These files have a hidden copyright. Printer/printing company must, before file transfer, confirm that the file will be erased immediate after execution and that no more than one print is made. Customers outside South Africa are allowed to print any size. The file size and resolution are sufficient for images on wallpaper format.