What is Hello Pretty?

What is an online marketplace? How is it different to an online store?

Imagine the difference between a weekend market, for example the Neighbourgoods market, and a department store, for example Stuttafords.

At Stuttafords you'll find a variety of different brands all being sold by Stuttafords itself. You browse around in the store and might pop a Chloe perfume into your trolley, along with some Guess shoes and a dress from Mango. Now you head off to the till and pay for everything all at once. At the Neighbourgoods Market, you might have a jeweller selling rings they've made, a baker selling their fresh baked bread, and another person selling their artisanal honey. If you want to buy all of those items, you'll take our your wallet at each stall to pay the person who's made them.

On Hello Pretty you're browsing an online marketplace, rather than an online store. Hello Pretty itself doesn't sell products: we provide a platform to allow small businesses to sell online through, much like how vendors can rent a stall in the Neighbourgoods market.

Stores on Hello Pretty are run by the business owners themselves, and your order is fulfilled directly by them. Nothing comes from a centralised warehouse. You're buying directly from the makers, and supporting small South African businesses.

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