New designer FAQ

We understand and appreciate that new designers to Hello Pretty want to know the platform before they invest the time in creating their shop and uploading their product. We try to answer the most common questions:

Why should I choose Hello Pretty?

Hello Pretty offers one of the best and cheapest options for getting your products online quickly and getting traffic from day one. If you haven't already, check out our selling on Hello Pretty page for a list of features, testimonials, and other reasons of why our site is so great. At the end of the day, you need to find the platform that works best for you and your brand and the bets way to do that is to give it a try and see what happens.

What kind of website traffic, conversion rate, and sales do you do?

We don't currently publicize these statistics.

How many customers are registered on your site?

We don't publicize this statistic either, but regardless of the number the shops that do best are the ones that find their own customers. The customers browsing Hello Pretty have a wide variety of interests, some are looking for jewellery, some furniture. So if you're able to build your own brand and make it easy for your customers to find you and your products then the people browsing your products will be exactly what you want.

What is your marketing reach?

Our marketing reach is growing significantly all the time, so it's tough to put a number on here and keep it accurate. The best thing to do is to checkout our social media profiles online (instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest), and then we also have a newsletter that at the time of writing (Dec 2017), has nearly 30,000 subscribers.

What categories perform best? Worst?

While it's interesting to know this, it probably also isn't relevant to your own shop, unless you plan on changing what you produce based on the answer :). Regardless, the category that does best on the site, without question, is Jewellery. Jewellery is easy to buy online as a customer can get a very good idea from photos how it will look on them and the quality of the product. Clothing is more difficult when selling as an independent designer as a customer may question if it will look good on them and be confused about what to do in the event that they don't like it after trying it on.

Of course, even amongst the categories that perform best and worst there are plenty of outliers as so much comes down to the individual brand and how you market your products. We have jewellers that make hundreds of sales in peak season, and others who haven't made a single sale.

How do I get paid

Take a look at our Payout FAQ. This should answer all your questions about payouts and more.

Am I charged the R10 payout fee every week?

No. You will only be charged the payout fee if you've made sales during that period.

How do you calculate commissions and other fees?

While we do explain all of our fees on our selling on Hello Pretty page, sometimes it also helps to have a detailed example:
  • Assume the shop is on the Starter plan (15% commission, 5% payment processing fees)
  • In a single payout period, you make two sales, one for R250, and a second for R350. These amounts include the shipping fee that the customer pays during checkout.
  • The total amount you'll be paid out will be computed as follows:
    • Commission = (R250 + R350) x 15% = R90
    • Payment processing = (R250 + R350) x 5% = R30
    • Payout fee = R10
    • Your payout = R250 + R350 - R90 - R30 - R10 = R470
For more information on pricing your products, check out out pricing calculator.

Can you suggest a courier to use?

As a starting point, take a look at our courier directory. In the meantime, we recommend you use a contract free service such as Aramex drop boxes or your local PostNet while you figure out the best courier to use for you. Typically you'll get better rates after you sign a contract with a courier.

Who pays for shipping? Me, Hello Pretty, or the customer?

The customer will pay for shipping on checkout, and all that money will then go to you. Your courier company will invoice you and you'll pay them directly. One thing to keep in mind is that at the moment we charge commissions / payment processing fees on the final sale price, so you'll need to account for this as well when setting your shipping costs.

Why do you charge commission on shipping?

Take a look at our shipping commission help page for this one.