My product or shop is not showing in search

Getting your products placed well in search and listings will help customers find your products more easily. If you're having trouble with this or want to fine tune your listings checkout the following points and maybe you'll see something that will help you improve your product placements.

Can your products be purchased?

First things first, if your products can't be purchased by a customer, they won't show up in search or on the home page. If your shop is on vacation or your product is out of stock they'll still show in your own listings, but won't be in the search results, or on the home page.

Curation and the home page

We do manual reviews on every one of the products that get added to the site (currently there are 57 000!). New products are getting added at a rate of about 250/week and products are updated all the time which can put them back into the curation queue. If you're a new shop on Hello Pretty it can take some time for your products to be reviewed. Ranking and home page display is currently based entirely on product photo quality.

So make sure your photos are crisp, clear and bright, cropped nicely (square images work best), and eye catching, and your products will be boosted and promoted by the review team.

For feedback on your photos, ask your peers in the Hello Pretty Sellers Community on Facebook.

How upgrading your store affects your placement

We don't discriminate our listings based on the plan level you're on. So if you're on the Starter plan your products have an equally likely chance of being promoted to the home page or higher up in a category listing. As an aside, this is also true for what we choose to promote on our social platforms. Being on a more expensive plan will have no affect on the visibility of your products.

With that said, we do have some advertising options that you can opt-in to to get your products promoted on a schedule that suits you:

Still struggling?

If you're still having problems, or you think something may be wrong, email the team with a detailed description of what's wrong and an example of the problem so that we can reproduce the issue. Be sure to include the full search URL and a link to one or two affected products. Due to the technical nature of these queries it can take longer for the team to get back to you, so don't panic if you don't hear back from us after a few days, we probably just haven't had the resources to look into the issue yet.