How to manage your Hello Pretty store

Manage Store Drop-Down

On your store page, you’ll see a drop-down menu on the right hand side marked Manage store. You’ll find options to edit your store, manage your products, create vouchers, add products, view your orders, and view your payouts.

  Options available for managing your store

Changing Your Store Details

Edit store will take you to your store information page. Here, you can edit all the basic info associated with your store. Have a look at our Setting Up Your Store help page for more information on the options.

  Update you Hello Pretty store details

A List of Your Products

Manage products gives you the option to view all of your products on one page. You can rearrange their order, edit them or list and unlist them.

Unlisting a product means it is still in your store, but it will only be visible to you.

Clicking Edit will take you to the edit page for a particular product. Have a look at the Adding a Product help page for more information on your options here.

The four-way arrows you see to the left of each product are so that you can drag the product to rearrange the order in which they appear in your store. The product at the top of the list will be the first product in your store.

  Product listing and management

Vouchers Unique to Your Store

Vouchers will allow you to create discount vouchers specific to your store. Have a look at the Creating a Voucher help page for more information.

Please note that store-specific vouchers are only available on the Standard plan.

  Create vouchers for your customers

See All Your Orders

Orders takes you to your order listing. Here you’ll see a complete list of all your past and current orders, and you can manage their status. Have a look at the Managing Your Orders help page for more information.

  View a listing of all your orders

Payouts For Your Orders

Payouts will show you a listing of all the payouts you’ve received for orders. Remember, Hello Pretty pays designers out every Tuesday for sales up to midnight the previous day.

  See a list of all of the payouts that Hello Pretty has made to you