Can I use PayPal to pay?

Yes, under most circumstances we support PayPal as a payment option. But this FAQ answers a few questions about PayPal and some issues you may run into when using it.

I don't see PayPal as an option when checking out?

Currently PayPal is only enabled for customers using a non-South African billing address and for orders valued under R 4,000. If you need to purchase something with a value greater than R4,000 and can't use the credit card processor send us an email and we should be able to help.

PayPal has a different shipping address then what I specified on Hello Pretty

This is a common problem, and in most situations we'll need to refund your order and have you place it again using the correct PayPal address. With PayPal we can't adjust the address after the fact and PayPal requires parcel tracking information match the shipping address on their side. We will typically issue a full refund via PayPal, and then setup the order so that you can place it again.

Why am I being charged more to pay with PayPal?

We offer PayPal as a convenience to our customers and because many customers already know and trust PayPal. There are, however, many logistical issues when using PayPal with the South African Rand (ZAR). At this time PayPal doesn't support ZAR and the only bank in South Africa that supports PayPal is FNB. Because of this, we need to convert the ZAR amount to USD based on an estimation of the current FNB and PayPal exchange rates. If you don't have funds in your PayPal account, FNB will charge you to first buy the USD equivalent, and FNB has additional fees for this process that Hello Pretty has no control of.

After paying with PayPal I don't see my order in my order listing

From time to time there are issues connecting to the PayPal servers, in these cases your order may stay in a pending state. If this happens to you you can send us an email to or wait for the issue to resolve itself (typically within 2 business hours).